It’s a Celebration + Giveaway!

Just a little over 5 months ago, I decided to step out on faith and leave my corporate job to fulfill my purpose in life. You’re probably wondering, how in the hell do you know your purpose in life? While some were figuring out WHAT, I was working on self and getting in tune with WHY I exist.

See, I always knew I wanted a career in fashion, but one where I could truly make a difference. After a year of soul searching and trying every fashion job under the sun, I figured out how to combine my purpose to teach with my passion for fashion.

The thought of leaving a stable career for a roller coaster ride in entrepreneurship was scary and unwavering.  I thought about all the possible outcomes of failure or if I never took the chance at all. For an entire year, I prayed about my decision, followed the lives of successful people I admired, listened to their stories and even read their books.

There were two people whose tools really gave me to the courage to go for it. One was the book of Alan Cohen, ‘Dare To Be Yourself.’  His book taught me how to overcome fear and that challenges are only an opportunity for growth. Dare To Be Yourself enlighten, empowered and woke me up to what life is really all about.

Myliek Teele is the founder of Curl Box, which is the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair. She is also the voice behind the wildly popular podcast #MyTaughtYou. Myliek has an interesting background similar to most successors who come from nothing to something. Myliek has overcome adversity and shares her thoughts on life, relationships, business and being boss on her podcast for young, multicultural women. Myliek offers a truthful, honest space similar to having a conversation with your most honest girlfriend. You know that friend that holds nothing back and in the words of Myliek “call you up”, not “out.” Yeah, that friend!

When I was deciding which month would be best to call it quits, I asked around for other opinions. Boy, why did I do that? Everyone had an opinion whether good or bad. One day on my way home from work, I was listening to the #MyTaughtYou podcast and heard Myliek say “ feelings are not facts.” She went on to say the feelings of others are not facts over your life. How another person feels about something does not determine your outcome.

I learned to stop seeking the validation of others and purchased the ‘This Is My Life’journal to help clarify my thoughts when I wasn’t sure. Journaling has become free therapy and emotional exercise for my mind when it is all over the place. Myliek taught me that friends can’t always be an outlet when going through things. Finding a friend who is loyal and understanding is enough. The last thing we need to do is burden them with our problems.

In honor of being a half of year into entrepreneurship, I am happy to announce this month’s Giveaway that includes a free Closet Audit, along with my life changing tools from Alan Cohen and Myliek Teele.

Enter a chance to win by clicking here. The more you share with friends the more entries you’ll receive.  Add your email address, answer the simple question and boom you are entered for a chance to win a $475 value of tools to change your life. Offer valid February 19th – March 5th, 2018.

Continue to have a great week and I’ll see you in the next one.