5 Misconceptions During A Closet Audit

Are we having fun with this Closet Audit series or what? I certainly am.

I am surprised at the number of people who’ve signed up for the #ClosetAuditGiveaway as a result of this series.

Uncovering some of the misconceptions that hold us from getting dressed with ease every day is the most efficient first step to great style. You’ve learned what a closet audit does, misconceptions a client has before a closet audit, now let’s address the misconceptions once I’m in a client’s closet.

Here we go:

“I bought this months ago and have not worn it because I don’t know what to do with it.”

During an audit, I’m teaching you what pieces work for you and why. We talk a little bit about style, especially if there is a piece you are struggling with, I will make some suggestions.

“I wear the same things over and over. I like to pair this skirt with this top but that’s it.”

I’ll help you discover ways to style your favorite pieces in ways you may not have considered or thought of.

“I’m emotionally tied to this piece because it was my mother’s. I don’t want to get rid of it.”

I understand your emotional attachment and would never encourage you to rid something you are emotionally tied to. However, if it is an item you don’t wear and keeping only for memory, maybe there is a different place for it. Together we will pack those items and preserve them in a plastic bin on a shelf.

“I bought this because it was on sale for $69 marked down from $299, but I’ve never worn it.”

So what! It was a good deal and those can be hard to resist. But, just because it’s on major discount doesn’t mean it’s the right piece for you.

“I love this piece, but it doesn’t fit me. I’m going to keep it for when I lose 15 more pounds.”

Here is what I like to call “goal clothes”. I love the idea of having a few items to encourage weight loss/gain but let’s be realistic. If you have not taken steps towards losing a few extra pounds and it’s only a plan in your head, then let’s dress for your body now. We will deal with the new figure when it gets here.