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    Clothing Care 101

    Our process of going through your wardrobe strategically mixing-and-matching your looks is to save you time, money and stress of thinking what to wear. We also encourage quality versus...

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  • closet audit

    Closet Audit: When To Let Go

    The Closet Audit is one of my favorite services we offer at Label Content. One thing I’ve learned in doing a closet audit is that people sometimes have a...

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  • packing for summer vacation

    The 1 Luggage Wardrobe: Summer Vacation Edition

    While attending SCAD FASH WEEK, I met a few ladies who were packing for summer vacation. Their fuss was about how much luggage they were taking. I don’t know...

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  • losing weight

    Getting Dressed After Losing Weight

    Last week I received an email from a lady with questions on how to get dressed after losing weight. She described herself as a 38-year-old, 5’4 now 158lbs.  She...

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  • online shopping

    Online Shopping: For Normal Size Women

    People are now becoming woke to the fashion industry’s unwillingness to make clothes to fit the body shapes of women today. Believe it or not, an article from

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